Frequently asked questions

Does Narwal vacuum and mop at the same time?

No, Narwal does the vacuuming and mopping separately. There are separated modules for the brushes and mops. It is easy to change the modules.

How often does the robot go back to the base station and wash itself?

The robot is smart enough to know when to clean the mops during mopping with the internal algorithm by collecting the data of the coverage of mopping, the dryness of the mops, and the time of mopping, etc..

How is the obstacle crossing capability?

The machine can move across a step with a height of less than 1.5 cm.

How Narwal handles pets’ poop?

For now, there is no solution to avoiding the pets’ poop. It is the same problem with other robots. We are considering to set a reminder on the APP for you to make sure you have your pet(s) attended before cleaning.

What about long hair? Will the hair get tangled the brushes?

We are still keeping improving the performance of sweeping and there will be some good ways to avoid the brushes getting tangled. Meanwhile, we recommend clearing the brushes timely. BTW, we provide a mini brush with bush-hook for the user to clean the brushes.

Does the Narwal have the HEPA filter?

Yes. Narwal has a HEPA filter graded as H10. And the Hepa filter is washable and replaceable. You can order it from our website soon.

Can I add the floor detergent in the water tank for mopping?

Sure, but we strongly suggest using the detergent provided by us with the special formula designed for Narwal rather than other brands.

What's the warranty policy?

We provide a one-year limited warranty for the robot cleaner and base station, from the date you receive the product. This warranty strictly does not cover damages that arose from negligence, misuse, or not in accordance with product instructions, etc.. If you experience any problems with your Narwal, please contact with our support team.


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