The World's First

Robot Mop & Vacuum

Cutting-edge robot mop & vacuum with automated mop cleaning, effective floor cleaning, smart mapping and more. Say hello to hands-free home cleaning experience.

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No More Manual Mop Washing

Narwal's unique mop system features self-cleaning technology which so you never have a dirty mop. The robot will wash, rinse and dry the mops automatically.




A Robot Cleaner That Actually Cleans The Floor

Most of robot cleaners out there clean the floor by dragging a cloth around ,which only makes it worse.

Narwal tackles dirt and stains perfectly instead of dragging by using dual dynamic mops which can easily capture fine dust and eliminate scribbling on floors.

Vacuum Up Everything on The Floor

As a vacuuming and mopping two-in-one robot cleaner, Narwal serves all your cleaning Needs. With the strong suction, it effortlessly grabs pet hair, debris, dust and other small particles on your floor.

Smart Mapping & Routing

Thanks to the proprietary Lidar Navigation Technology, Narwal is capable of learning and mapping the floorplan to make an optimized cleaning routine. It remembers this map for future cleaning jobs and constantly adapts your home. 


With the accompanying App, you can effortlessly customize your cleaning strategy, set the cleaning modes, and monitor the cleaning status and more.


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